Suzi Bird Photographer

Suzi Bird

“One day I combined my life-long love of dance with my passion for photography, and everything just slipped into place.”

Suzi Bird is a Bristol-based photographer who specialises in dance and portrait photography. As a dancer herself, Suzi has grown up surrounded by the beauty and creativity of movement. Her understanding of a dancer’s movements combined with her ability to predict when a dancer reaches the climax of their movement, enables Suzi to capture dancers at the perfect moment. She freezes their movements in time, preserving an otherwise fleeting moment.

With a focus on creating unique images that will stand out from the crowd, each shoot that Suzi does is individually tailored to the dancer – ensuring that each person is shown at their ultimate best. Suzi’s dance background enables her to not only demonstrate poses, but also provide gentle critique on what could be improved within an image. She will show you each image that she takes, to ensure that you are completely happy with your image. If you think it can be improved then she will suggest taking it again, until you’re both completely happy with the outcome.

Suzi is available to work for clients in various genres of photography, including dance, fashion and portrait. She also runs Sunlight Photography, offering Newborn and Wedding portraiture.