Photoshoot Information

“I have worked with a lot of photographers and I have to tell you, Suzi really is fantastic! She have a great eye and because of her dance background, she really brings so much to the shoots. Eden said she learnt a lot from Suzi about shapes and how to use her body, and she has already asked me to book another shoot with you!” – Sarah-Lousie | Eden Dancewear

As a dancer, it’s so important to have a strong set of images that showcase your range, talent and personality. These images are often the first thing that a director or employer will see, so it’s super important to make an amazing impression. Dancer portfolio shoots are tailored around your needs, whether you require headshots, bodyshots or just something a little different.

No two shoots with Suzi are the same, as each one is a reflection of the individual dancer’s style, strength and technique. She brings a range of different creative ideas to every shoot, and always asks the dancer to bring along some unique ideas of their own in order to work together to create something amazing. Suzi’s passion and experience of dance shines through in every image, ensuring that your images stand out and create an emotional connection with the audience in the same way as a piece of choreography would. A portfolio shoot not only provides you with the perfect set of images to carry you forward in your career, but also a visual understanding of who you are as a dancer.

studio dance photoshoot

Location Shoots

As Suzi is based in Bristol, the majority of her location shoots take place here. However, she frequently travels to London and is also happy to travel anywhere in the country (or abroad!). For shoots outside of Bristol, she will simply add on her basic travel costs to the price of the shoot. Please enquire for more information. For location shoots, she recommends a two hour shoot to ensure that you get a wide variety of locations and styles. These shoots are very relaxed and a fun experience for dancers of all ages – Suzi has worked with dancers as young as 3 years old!


Studio Shoots

Studio shoots are perfect for building your professional portfolio and can include both headshots and bodyshots.  These shoots take place in the studio in Nailsea, near Bristol. There is a choice of backdrops available, including white for the more traditional audition shots. Alternatively, these can be done at an indoor location of your choice (fees may apply). Studio shoots also make a fun afternoon for dancers of all ages and abilities!

How it works

What to wear

When selecting outfits for your portfolio shoot, it’s important to think about what styles and colours suit your complexion and the way in which you’d like to be portrayed as a dancer. Consider that, although you may focus on one genre of dance, companies will want to see a range in your abilities. Your outfit is a direct reflection of your personality and style.

During a two hour shoot, there is usually time for at least 5 outfit changes and one change of hairstyle. Consider the roles you may be applying for and what you think would be most suitable. Personally, Suzi loves dancers with their hair down in at least some of their images as it adds an additional sense of movement and grace. Do consider the finer details too, such as nail varnish and makeup. The most important thing is to keep it simple – the photos are about you as a dancer and don’t require heavy styling in order for you to look great.

Feel free to bring more than you need, as it’s always good to have options!

The Process

At the start of your shoot, Suzi will go through your outfit options with you and discuss what you are hoping to gain as a result of the shoot. It’s always a good idea to bring some visual examples of the type of images you would like and the poses you may like to do. Together, you will then plan a rough structure for your time together to ensure you get all of the shots that you need. Suzi will be able to demonstrate certain positions and correct the small details, such as a micro-bend in the knee, in order to produce the best image possible. Headshots are always done at the start of a portfolio session, while hair and makeup is still fresh.

After your shoot, Suzi will send you an online gallery of all of your images to choose from. There are always a number of digital images included in your shoot, and additional copies can be purchased as extras. For full details on the packages available, please get in contact with Suzi here.